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Introducing Moodment:

Don't let your mood dictate your day.

Moodment is a safe space for you to log off from the world and login to your mood, get real results from your workouts, find ways to deal with triggers, take part in fun monthly challenges and make friends with like minded people from all over the world. We're waiting for you!

Main Feed:

We don't want you scrolling all day, which is why Moodment will curate your daily feed with powerful content to boost or maintain your mood. Your feed will feature content such as:

Daily or Weekly Challenge,



Workout Sessions,

Yoga Flows,

Journal Prompts,


Mood Boosting Playlist.


Move your body:

Stop punishing your body with exercise and instead let Moodment show you ways to move that suit your mood. Feeling playful, heartbroken, sleepy or menstrual.  There's a workout or Yoga flow to suit you.

You can also choose to create your own workout based on time, difficulty, focus area and equipment or check the live events calender to join in with a workout, Q&A or hypnosis. from the comfort of your home.

Meditations, Hypnosis & Journalling:

Develop your coping mechanisms, boost your confidence, enhance your sexuality and allow your brain  a moment of caln with powerful Meditations and Hypnosis sessions by Hypnotherapist, Movement and Meditation Specialist Meg Sharland.

Explore the power of journaling and manifesation with journal prompts  and challenges and discover a new way to work through lifes daily challenges.


Let it go,

Do you have something you wish you could say out loud or share with others but can't? Perhaps a secret you wish you could get off your shoulders, the secret section in Moodment is here for you, with hundreds of secrets and zero judgment it's the perfect place to let go of whatever is weighing you down and recieve a virtual hug.

Community and Support:

Moodment was created to give you a safe space to find friends, to know that you are never alone and to ease the feelings of loneliness. Share photos, talk about how you're feeling and find your tribe in our community section, we're here for you. You'll be the first to get access to upcoming events, workshops, lives and retreats so that we can facilitate you growing your friendship circles.


A message from Carly

Your mind state matters, your mental health should be a priority and hormones should never be ignored which is why each class is mood based, includes a variety of workouts styles, length and ability, so no more forcing your body to do something that your mind doesn’t want to.

Moodment is a safe space to learn the best ways to listen, maintain or transform the way you are feeling. Simply choose the mood that suits you at the time of logging into the app, answer the questions to discover what might be contributing to that mood and let Moodment give you your control back.

Download the Moodment app Download the Moodment app